My wife and I have a habit of eating all our meals out at McDonalds. Maybe because it’s within walking distance, and we like french fries. But since there are so many great (not McDonalds) restaurants along the coast in Maine, we’ve resolved to start trying a new place each week – and I’ll be documenting it here, for all the millions of readers who live in the state, and the few of you who visit.

Salt Bay Cafe – Damariscotta, ME

My family always visits here on their vacations, but Kierstyn and I hadn’t been in a while, and we felt like driving. ¬†They’ve got a great vegetarian menu (even if like me, you’re not vegetarian), and nice and relaxing atmosphere. I tried Crepes Florentine with spinach, mushrooms, peppers and onions. It came with soup, so I got their Gazpacho since I’d been meaning to try it since 3rd grade. It was okay, it sort of reminded me of chilled fresh salsa – I probably just don’t like Gazpacho. The Crepes Florentine were awesome though.

Kierstyn had a chicken salad sandwich with chicken and rice soup. She liked the sandwich, and loved the soup. We also got their Ice Cream Puff – balls of ice cream inside a pastry with hot fudge on top – really good. Kierstyn ate all the fudge off the top. With drinks it all came to less than $30.

Salt Bay Cafe – Very yummy, and definitely someplace you should try.

Salt Bay Cafe on Urbanspoon


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