Freeport, ME

Chinese food isn’t Kierstyn’s favorite, but I love it, so she’s nice enough to go with me once in a while. While the China Rose isn’t as good as the Jade Palace in Farmington, ME, where I grew up, it’s still a great meal.

We both got Chicken Lo Mien (us both getting the same meal is more common than you might think). It doesn’t come with rice, egg roles, etc. – at least at dinner – but it’s a good portion so you won’t feel hungry (Kierstyn even had some to bring home).

You do want to stick to the stand by items though – last time we visited, we made the mistake of getting too adventurous with the menu. I don’t recommend the Peking Noodles, even though I love Peking sauce, or the Crispy Rice Soup (which is, just what it sounds like – Kierstyn thought it was Crispy Chicken Soup – who wants crispy rice?).

If you’re careful with your selection though, it’s definitely worth trying. At dinner – if you get water – it’s just over $20 including the tip.

China Rose – probably not the best you’ve ever tasted, but the best (if only) in the immediate area.

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2 Responses to Food Around Freeport, ME #2 – China Rose

  1. Hannah says:

    Love the pictures, very nice review :)

  2. Deborah says:

    studying china- chinese food for homeschool today and this came up :)

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