Updated to 1.1.5, released as free software – since I’m unable to provide support or add any significant features to the app right now, I’m removing it from the app store and releasing it for free under the MIT license. You can download it here (10.7+ only) – hopefully someone will find it useful!
Updated to 1.1.1 – send clips to After Effects CS5.5 as well as Motion!
Updated to 0.9.3 – timing fixes, Snow Leopard support, and compound clips.
Updated to 0.9.2 – fixes issues with clips that have timecode.



I love Final Cut Pro X, but there are still a few features missing. I wanted to be able to send edited clips from my FCPX timeline into Motion 5, without having to setup the project, lookup the in and out points, and replicate that in Motion. So I made an app that lets you send a clip from Final Cut to Motion.


50 Responses to FCPX Send To Motion App

  1. Pete says:

    GREAT! Finaly there’s an app for that :-) But it does not work on a XML file I’ve just imported. An endless status bar appears. I will try it further.

    Keep on good work.

  2. Fred Robin says:

    Hi Alex… well done this program, I work with Snow Leopard and in this case I can’t test him directly. But I have one question… and after how can I reexport to FCPX ? it’s possible or I have to export to quicktime? Thanks you very much for your work and answer.

  3. admin says:

    Pete – hmm, are you using FCPX version 10.0.3?

    Fred – yes, right now you have to export a movie and insert that back into your timeline.

  4. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this

  5. Great idea! I seem to be having a lot of issues though. Every time I open a clip in Motion, it shows up as being loaded properly, but it’s essentially just a freeze-frame. Have to completely re-do the timeline to get things to work…

    If you need more details, email me.

    Still, the concept is great! Looking forward to when you get it rock-solid.

  6. admin says:

    Alan – I’ve seen that bug before, but had thought I’d eliminated it – I’ll email.

  7. fabulous. Put me on your mail list & I’ll buy it when it’s out of beta! Meanwhile, if I end up using it on a project, I will donate – that’s a promise.

  8. nickeditor says:


    When we finished in Motion how we come back to Final Cut X? Are there any Send to Final Cut?


  9. Great app! I too am experiencing the bug. I bring in the XML from FCPX and it,s a freeze frame from the beginning of the original clip. When this is out of beta, I’ll happily pay! Or donate or what ever you like. I can really use this app. Thank you so much for your work so far!

  10. admin says:

    Goesta – thanks!

    Nick – no, unfortunately there’s no automated way to put it back into Final Cut. You’ve got to export from Motion, then drag that back into your timeline.

    David – do you think you could send me the FCPXML you’re using (my email is alexking at me dot com)? I’m still working on debugging this problem, but I believe it may have something to do with clips that are using timecode, or that are especially long.

  11. Pete says:

    Yes i’m using 10.0.3.

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  13. Chris Potter says:

    Great application that fills a much needed void. Between apps like this and 7 to X, the reasons not to upgrade to Final Cut Pro X are fast disappearing. We did a quick writeup about your program on our blog.


  14. Drew says:

    Hello…does this only work with clips on the primary storyline?


  15. admin says:

    Pete – sounds like a bug, could you send me the XML you’re having trouble loading? (alexking at me dot com).

    Chris – thanks for the writeup!

    Drew – yes, only the primary storyline as of yet – you can’t load clips from compound clips either. I do plan to add support for that though.

  16. Pete says:

    It works! Maybe there was an issue with Event Manager X because the footage was moved to another location…

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  18. mark says:

    Any chance of making it OS X 10.6 compatible? I can’t use Lion at the moment because I am still running a few PPC apps.

  19. admin says:

    Pete – great! Glad it started working for you, could have been the 0.9.2 update too.

    Mark – yes, the next beta release should support Snow Leopard.

  20. Any chance of getting this to work going into After Effects as well? Not sure if that’s logistically possible, but wow, it would be awesome.
    It’d be great to just have that be a pull-down menu, Motion or AE.

  21. admin says:

    Yes – I’d definitely like to add that – I’m still researching whether it’s possible or not, but if it is, I’m planning on adding it to the app store version at some point.

  22. Andy says:

    Hi hoping this will work as it looks good but.. every time I click send to motion 5 it opens my old copy of Motion 4???? I don’t want to delete this as I use still sometime. Any advise ??

  23. admin says:

    Andy – you can probably fix this by changing the app associated with .motn files from Motion 4 to 5. If you find a .motn file and “Get Info” in the Finder, there should be an “Open with” section. You may have to select “Other” to find your copy of Motion 5 instead of Motion 4. Then click “Change all”, and .motn files should open in Motion 5, including when the app opens the file it creates.

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  25. Ricky Dominguez says:

    Today I download your lates beta Version 0.9.3 of FCPX Send To Motion to try before I buy; but I export a simple XML file that it is only one clip and then I drag the XML file to the app it open the file but it dosen’t let me do anything, It dosen’t let me choose clip and if I press send to Motion 5 dosent do anything.
    To see if there was a problem with the XML file I open the file in Davinci Resolve Lite and it open OK.

    I have FCP X 10.0.3 with Mac OS 10.6.8.

    I hope you could help me find a solution because I would like to purchase the app if it works.

    Ricky Dominguez
    Luna Films
    Puerto Rico

  26. Will Woodard says:

    I have the same problem as Ricky. I’ll drag a fcpxml file onto the app, and I’ll get nothing listed in the “Choose Clip to Send” box. Right now, it doesn’t seem to do anything…

  27. admin says:

    Ricky and Will – could you send me the .fcpxml files you’re having trouble with (eyechart.apps@gmail.com)? It currently doesn’t export clips without audio attached to them, although I’m working on that. Another thing that can happen is if you don’t export the XML while in the project listing section, with a project selected, FCPX will export the Event XML instead of the project XML.

  28. Ricky Dominguez says:

    Thanks Alex for the response and tips now it work, I didn’t have any audio attached. It would be nice if I could send to Motion a hole sequence not individual clips and also without any audio attached as you already are working.

    Thanks, Ricky

  29. james says:

    Can someone just re-skin fcpx already?

  30. Mike Auty says:

    Just bought. Doesn’t let you send images over via XML eh? Drat. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find it helpful for doing video stuff too. Just transferring over some graphic sequences and no go… thx for making this dude!

  31. David E says:

    I second Ricky’s suggestion. I’m trying to find a way to composite a number of shots, so sending a single clip to Motion isn’t going to do it for me.

  32. CSHAM says:

    The best and most efficient way this APP can work would be to be able to use the Range Selection Tool and drag the selection you want directly to the Send To Window. That alone would be a time saver. Of course getting back to FCPX in one piece is important too. Apple just needs to bring “Roundtripping” back ASAP. I would use Motion a whole lot more if they did!!!

  33. admin says:

    CSHAM – I agree, that’s originally what I wanted to do – but you actually can’t drag clip or clip selections outside of the FCPX editing window. So using the .fcpxml file was the best solution available.

  34. John says:

    Hi, I have bought your app through the app store. I followed the instructions but the fcpxml file doesn’t open. I have Fcpx 10.0.4 and motion 5.0.3. I even tried to change the file through info to open with motion but the file looks blank when I change it and doesn’t open anything. Doesn’t work!! Please let me know how to get over this problem. Thanks

  35. John says:

    Please ignore the previous comment. I v figured it out!!love the app. Just one question when I am exporting it from motion,for the settings And how do I check in FCPX the format of the transcoded file. I know it was transcoded to prores 422 but To verify if it was LT or not or HQ where can I check that.

  36. admin says:

    John – great! I’m not totally sure if you can easily tell whether a file is HQ or LT in Final Cut, I think it’s just a difference in target data rate so it might not be labeled. If it was though, it’d be in the “Info” section for the clip – there’s a drop down on that tab that can let you view different meta data too. Hope that helps…

  37. Marcus Wolschon says:

    Sound like a great tool!
    Severly limited by what FCP X allows us to do but a timesaver nonetheless.

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  39. I have received the following error:

    No Video Clips in Project
    SentTO Doesn’t export image or audio clips

    I exported XML from project library. I am working with a four camera live performance shoot (does the issue have anything to do with multi-cam?). All assets are mark ii and mark iii video, 1080 24fps. All software is up to date as is OSX. Please let me know what my issue might be. Thanks

  40. admin says:

    Adam – yes, multicam isn’t currently supported, so that’s why SendTo is acting like there aren’t any clips in your project.

  41. Bugs says:

    Is this no longer free? or does it exist a trial version?

  42. admin says:

    Bugs – yeah, no, it’s $10 on the Mac App Store now (currently no trial version).

  43. will says:

    I’ll wait for a trail version if it ever appears…not risking $10.

  44. Andy says:

    Only available on the US store, can you make this available on the UK one as well

  45. Shorty says:

    Okay… so now WHY THE FUCK would you want to limit this to the U.S. STORE ONLY??!

  46. admin says:

    Andy, Shorty & Will – it’s now available for free in all area.

  47. debesch says:

    I was needing do a quick mock-up for a client and thought I’d learn something about FCPX in the meantime. I built a 4×4 grid of 16 still photos followed by a few screens with multiple photos on them in FCPX. It’s basically a souped-up slideshow with no sound. Turns out, the client loved what I did, but is concerned that some of the movement is a little rough.

    FCPX doesn’t give me the control over the movement on these photos that I’d prefer, so I wanted to send my photos with the sizing, cropping, placement & movement I have already set up in FCPX to Motion so I can use Motion’s tools to make this “prettier”.

    I downloaded your app. Exported the fcpxml from FCPX 10.0.9 on OSX 10.8.4. Nothing happens. I dropped it on the app icon, and I also tried opening the XML from inside the app. Neither gives me any indication that anything has happened. It’s entirely possible I’m missing a crucial step, but I’m at a loss. Do you have any suggestions?


  48. admin says:

    One of the features the app never supported was exporting images vs. video clips, it sounds like that might be what you’re running into? Sorry it doesn’t fit your needs, hope you can find something else…

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