You can now use SendTo (version 1.1.1) to send clips from Final Cut Pro X to After Effects CS5/5.5/6, as well as Motion!

Here’s how it works: export your FCPX project as .fcpxml, drag it onto the app, and select the clip you want to send. Then click “Send To” to setup a composition preset with in/out, duration, frame rate and resolution in Motion or After Effects. It’s a great way to save time setting up compositions, and get right to work on grading, effects, etc.

Now available as free software under the MIT License.


7 Responses to Send Clips from FCPX to After Effects

  1. Greg says:

    I’m really considering buying your app but does it work with AE CS6?
    Thank you.

  2. admin says:

    Yep, it supports CS6.

  3. Jed says:

    I live in Australia is there any other method I can purchase the app with out having to go thru the App Store

  4. Luca Nestola says:

    I am trying to purchase the “send to” app but looks like it is not available in the App Store.
    Is there any alternative way to purchase it?


  5. Luca Nestola says:

    Ah no, I found a free download link on a website. Thought it was legal and that probably the app is simply a freeware now, that’s why it is no longer available in the App Store.
    So I downloaded it, but it keeps on crashing.

    The thing is: I am ready to purchase it, but I simply can’t find a way to get it!

  6. Alejandro says:

    i can’t buy in the app store of may country (spain).
    How I can buy the application?

  7. admin says:

    Alejandro & Luca – it’s now available for free in all regions (see the link in the post). I’ve made a few updates, so hopefully it’ll stop crashing for you, but I’m not really able to support it anymore.

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