I’m a backer of the Digispark kickstarter project (who isn’t?), because I wanted a cheap, $10 start to programming Arduinos. Of course once I’d pledged for the Arduino, I noticed all the nice extras they were offering, and it became a $30 start to programming Arduinos. Then I realized I’d have to wait two entire months for it to arrive, and just bought an Arduino Uno in the meantime, for another $20. So ends my guide to programming Arduinos on the cheap.

With this Arduino Uno, I’ve been experimenting with receiving and sending IR signals, to control my TV, air conditioner, etc., and I found the excellent IRRemote library by Ken Shirriff. You can send IR codes using code like this –

irsend.sendSony(0xfff, 12);

This post is specifically about finding Sony codes – if you’ve got an IR receiver it’s pretty easy to use the library to find out what the hex codes are your different remote functions. If you want to codes that aren’t on the remote, but are listed on HiFi Remote (such as switching to a particular source), you’ll have to convert them to the format IRRemote supports. This post gives details on how to convert codes from the HiFi Remote Device/Code format, but it can be a bit tedious to convert each one by hand, so I made a PHP script to do the conversion.

Hope it’s useful to someone! So far I’ve used the discrete source switching codes to get my Sony TV happily switching sources via a mac app connected to my Arduino over serial.


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  1. Very nice! *starts wondering what else is possible…*

  2. Heather says:

    You guys are soooo freakin talented. I loved everything. It felt sounded & looked like a real movie. This is great you guys! I’m sorry it took this long for me to find it. I’m amazed & can’t wait to see more. This is really top quality filming & what great actors you girls are. :) please let Alex’s sisters know I think they are true naturals. I love the production company name. You guys are terrific!

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